Say Watt Robotics

2015 - 2016 Season

12/13/2015 - Congratulations to Team 7350 for winning the Think award at Livingston and qualifying for the NJ state Championship.  Both 7350 and 5169 did well coming in 7th and 10th (respectively) ranked in the qualifying rounds.  7350 was a captain and was very gracious and picked their sister team as their alliance partner.  As in days of yore, it was Pope John versus Say Watt.   They triumphed, but it was great fun sitting with our friends from Pope John during the semi-finals as we used to do in the 3539 days.

1/9/2016 - 7350 qualified for PA state championship (without their coach!) by being Captain of the Winning Alliance and Inspire winner.   Great job!

1/31/2016 - 5169 qualified for NJ State by being the Inspire winner at the final NJ qualifier - Snowday Showdown.   This is an event that at least one Say Watt team has participated in for the last seven years!   Good job.   Although the robot did not perform well, they were ranked 4th before the final match when they dropped a climber on their own phone, hitting the cable, and knocking themselves out.  Since it was already a 2 on 1, the 2 on 0 match did not go their way....  Unfortunately, that was typical of their matches that day - five matches, five different issues (no connection problems).  However, they did the best they could and won the Inspire award.

2/14/2016 - 5169 qualified for PA on the basis of being the 3rd pick Inspire winner and because a Virginia Team who won the Inspire, but had already qualified for Super-regionals, graciously stepped down, allowing 5169 to compete in PA.

2/27/2016 - Watt's Up qualified for Super Regionals

2/28/2016 - Watt's NXT qualified for Super-Regionals

3/20/2016 - Both 7350 and 5169 qualified for Worlds.
     7350 - won Connect and second-place Inspire
     5169 - was second-place Motivate.

4/29/2016 - 7350 won the Rockwell/Collins Innovate award and was nominated for the Control Award.

4/29/2016 - 5169 was nominated for the Connect award and placed 18th in their division.